We attend conferences of Expert Minds in Madrid

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The Wetrading team attends the face-to-face conferences of Expert Minds that took place on February 24 and 25 at the Capítol cinema on Madrid’s Gran Vía.

In these two days we attended the presentations given by: Emilio Duró, Victor Küppers and Pedro García Aguado.

At WeTrading we are committed to training, both professionally and personally. We are convinced that to succeed in life we must train as people and as individuals by cultivating our interior.

These conferences are given by different experts and trainers in neuro-psychology  applied to business, professional, family, social or personal life.

At the Expert Minds conferences, we can find speakers of the stature of Víctor Küppers, Mario Alonso, Emilio Duró, Javier Iriondo, Mar Romera, Luis Galindo, Pedro García, Susana Domínguez, Pilar Jericó, José Luis Abajo “Pirri”, Francisco Tonucci, Eduardo Dávila, Belinda Washington, Anne Igartiburu, Alejandra Vallejo-Nágera, etc.

If you want more information about these presentations, you can visit the Expert Minds website at https://www.mentesexpertas.com where you can see who the speakers are, where and when they give these conferences and also be able to hire online conferences.