WeTrading Transforming the world WeTrading is a cooperative trading platform driven by the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and self-created bots. Promotional video Get started CMGCoin Our cryptocurrency Meet CMGCoin (CMG), our cryptocurrency aimed at online payments. You can get great benefits if you use it on the platform. Know more See market

WeTrading (WT) is a cooperative trading platform, powered by the cryptocurrency Bitcoin and self-created bots, which makes it a very powerful investment product.

Why do we work with Bitcoin? Experience has shown us that it is an asset with enormous potential.

How does WeTrading work?

At WeTrading (WT) we seek to develop a simple process that allows our clients to participate without the need for prior knowledge in the field. Our maxim has always been the same, make a participatory community, where we all win. If you would like to be part of WT, these are the steps we recommend you follow:

Own trading strategy, to guarantee stable and safe returns. With an audited account to ensure transparency.

Anyone with or without knowledge, can be part of the WeTrading ecosystem from just 0.005 BTC of minimum investment.

Weekly payments of returns and the possibility of recovering the invested capital, once the minimum investment period of 3 months has ended.

An entire ecosystem developed on Bitcoin. Invest, generate and withdraw in Bitcoin. Secure your funds in an open and secure ecosystem.

Meet CMGCoin (CMG), our cryptocurrency aimed at online payments.

CMGCoin is a ERC-20 token developed with the Ethereum blockchain. We have created this coin to be used as a means of payment on other platforms. You will have the opportunity to benefit from it within our platform, where you can use it to perform the payments for our premium services.

Know our system

Forex-based trading

At WeTrading we have built our system to work on the Forex market. That is why the operation takes place at the end of the week. The main features are:

  • Deposits in Bitcoin without commission and without minimum
  • Withdrawals and investments processed at the end of the week
  • Returns spread over the weekend

Videos about the platform

Business presentation
How does it work?
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In real time

Know the figures


At WeTrading we value transparency very much. That is why we always try to offer as much information as possible.

Do you have experience creating multi-level networks?

At WeTrading we want to reward those users who help us promote the platform. If you have a great team behind you and you want to boost your benefits, do not hesitate to contact us.


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